Rookery: Winter Travels, Woodland Roads – 15 Backgrounds for Troika!

Troika! Backgrounds for Travelers Strange and Mundane: The Rookery Zine Issue 2

In this second issue of the R. Rook Studio zine:

  • Strange people wandering along cold, woodland roads at night:  a lost squire, a singer, a young adventurer wielded by the blade they carry, a penitent, a newly minted oracle, a mortal fury.
  • Those from other worlds who are trapped on our escaping to a mortal reality: the errant devil, the fallen celestial, a returned changeling, a werewolf.

Survive the cold weeks ahead with these 15 new backgrounds for Melsonian Arts Council’s Troika! Numinous Edition, the world’s Other Favorite Tabletop RPG.

This product is priced at $3.00


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