The Black Knight of the Demon & Dragon Inn

The Demon & Dragon Inn is a long-standing waypoint along the Phent-Nethentir Trail. Its singular location offers a brief respite at the northwestern most point of the Singing Sands of Thesk for caravans and gnomish traders. To those who pass through, little is known of the inn’s history. But as coincidence would have it, on this one particular rainy night, forces align the inn’s shadowy past with the evening’s mysterious guest.

Set in the southeastern corner of Thesk.

The Black Knight of the Demon & Dragon Inn is a Q-Encounter, or Quick-Encounter, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 9th-level characters. This encounter would be considered a ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ encounter.

Included is a VTT map pack for use.

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