The Shadow Boys of Telflamm

The city of Telflamm has a long and storied history as the ‘Gateway to the East’. After the Tuigan Horde weakened the city’s lawful organizations, the local thief’s guild known as the Shadowmasters was able to take almost complete control, and has remained in power ever since. Those who pass through must be wary of drawing undue attention onto themselves lest they become the target of the Shadowmasters’ ire. This is often a difficult task, for not everything encountered is at it seems.

Set in Telflamm, Thesk.

The Shadow Boys of Telflamm is a Q-Encounter, or Quick-Encounter, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 8th-level characters. This encounter would be considered a ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ encounter.

Included is a VTT map pack for use.

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