The Castle of Sanguine Blight


5th of September 1846. Your investigation has led you to the inhospitable Moldavian mountains. Haunted by nightmares and without assistance from the local populace, which have shunned your very presence since you explained your travel’s destination, you have now arrived at the end of your journey. The isolated Castle Vojvod. As you gaze upon the castle, the home of Countess Elisabeth de Bemeur, you know that the final answers you seek will be inside, if you can survive its horrors…

The Castle of Sanguine Blight is a dark solo adventure card game, created as a love letter to the Castlevania and Shadowgate videogames, Cthulhu by Gaslight RPG and classic Gothic horror. Choose between 4 doomed characters, face 30 eerie rooms and 30 blood dripping events and acquire 12 weird items that may help you on the way to defeat the vampire and its 9 horrible attacks. Replay and experience a different castle the next time. Or why not use the cards as inspiration, when you need a fateful turn of events for your regular RPG session.

To play the game you need a couple of six-sided dice, plenty of luck and the courage to withstand the fear.

Included in the Print-and-Play PDF is also two versions of an A3 poster. 

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Bat The complete rules can be downloaded above as a PDF: Alternate Preview / Rulebook.

Game Details: 1 player / 15 mins / 12+ / 88 premium cards + tuckbox

  • 30 Room Cards

  • 30 Event Cards

12 Item Cards

9 Vampire Cards

4 Character Cards

  • 3 Rules Summary Cards

  • Custom Tuckbox