Riverside Mill Battlemap w/Fantasy Grounds support – TTRPG Map


Riverside Mill is a family owned business for 5 generations. When it first started everyone lived above the mill. But as the family and the business grew over the years out buildings started popping up for the different branches of the family to have a little more space.

There are three versions of the map: regular, painted, and first snow.

Map is 40 x 30

Included in this purchase:

  • 4096 x 3072 JPG map file of all three versions of the map both with and without grid (40×30 grid)
  • Fantasy Grounds .mod file which has the maps, the grid data, and line of sight data
  • Light water effect on river in Fantasy Grounds.  Light snow on winter map.
Check out the video below for a preivew of the Fantasy Grounds file!

This product is priced at $2.00


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