Bartleby’s Magic Bag

You there, adventurer!

Are you tired of trying to face the evils of this world with less than satisfactory equipment? Has that old rusty razor you called a sword failed you one too many times in the dungeon? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of men your age. I may just have a solution for you, friend!

I am Alexander Bartleby, collector of the world’s finest oddities and treasures, and they could be yours for a small price!

How about you try out this fine impaling spear? Guaranteed to slay even the foulest of beasts that you encounter on your travels with extreme prejudice. Or maybe you’re in need of some protection from the harsh weather of the snow capped mountains? I have a fine Yeti fur cloak that will make it feel like a sunny day a top even the highest of peaks.

Be it weapons of mass destruction or random trinkets of wondrous powers, my shop has an item for your every need. Come in, and browse my catalogue of magical items!

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