Monty Haul 4

Monty Haul #4 is a ‘zine dedicated to expanding your options for fantasy tabletop role-playing. Issue 4 “Swords Against Civilization” includes a new Barbarian and Ranger subclass based on Old School, Appendix N-style thinking. MH 4 also includes Exotic Weapons for 5e, Notoriety for Scoundrels, New Feats (to support the material in past issues), three new backgrounds (Cursed, Reviled, and Diplomat), and new fey creatures, divvils and boogums, and a FIB (fill-in-the-blank) Quest Generator these critters bequeath to an adventuring party.

It’s a bevvy of usable options, written in a conversational style and grounded in the gaming days of yore. If by “yore” we’re talking about the early 1980’s, that is. Monty Haul is suitable for discerning players of the fifth edition of the world’s most popular fantasy rpg. 

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