Gregorius21778: 50 Names for Megamainframes

Does your secret agency rely on a mainframe based computer system to do the info-crunching leg work? Is your super-villian supported by his very own A.I. Construct? Or -is- a rogue A.I the (hidden?) villain of your espionage, super-heroe or modern horror game?

What about the future? Are A.I. Projects the new thing, are they perhaps 10 years away from becoming serial models? Is it the far future, and the lone stations among the stars are often supported (or controlled) by computer entities that remind a lot of your players of a thing called “HAL”?

Do you need a few names, just to drop them to enrich your background? Or would you like an idea for the name of an A.I.-NPC? Perhaps more than just one….? I have 50 ready for you. You will not like them all, but some. I am sure. I am an expert system. Trust me. I never proofed myself wrong, thereby I must be right and therefore able to judge my own ability, worth and unfailingness

Have fun!

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