Harper’s Quest

An ultra-lite, solo, no-prep dungeon crawler! A system agnostic rule set that can be used as a stand alone one-shot or as a plug in for other OSR games. As a stand alone game, Harper’s Quest uses a rogue-like mechanic that lets your future generations fight through the dungeon with acquired heirlooms and some extra gold to help your lineage along. 

Why they’re in the dungeon and what they’re after is entirely up to you. 

If you’re short on time and want to just relax and roll some dice with some lite OSR rules, this game is for you. At least 3D6, 1D8, 1D10, 1D12 and 1D20 are needed. Or an app that rolls dice.

Comes with a Booklet – ready to print, and the Adventure Sheet which has everything you need to track your character, encounters and has a reusable dungeon room!

  • Rules are printed on a single page and folded into an 8-page pocket booklet, see the Adventure Sheet for folding instructions.
  • Use with minis, meeples, action figures, theatre of the mind or 2d dungeon cut outs from amazing creators like Inked Adventures.
  • Simple enough to introduce kids to RPG mechanics.
  • Characters you create with this game can easily be transferred to other OSR games and campaigns.
  • Uses ascending armor class, a single saving throw  and options for easy, normal or hard difficulties.
  • Universal/generic monster table allows for substutiting for use in any genre.

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