Humbling Fumbles Bumbles and Stumbles

Herein is the Humbling Fumble and Stumbles DM reference sheet.

This 1 page pdf sheet contains tables for fumbles, consequences, crits and more. Next time your players roll a 1 or a 20, you, the DM can be prepared. 

This reference goes beyond mere melee attacks – it includes fumbles for Stealth, Perception, AND Charisma! 

Don’t get tongue tied the next time your bard rolls a natural 1 on persuasion! 

This Reference contains:

  • Attack Consequences
  • Attack Fumbles
  • Magical Consequences
  • Perception Fumbles
  • Stealth Fumbles
  • Charisma Fumbles
  • Lingering injuries
  • Critical Hit
  • Massive Damage

Consequences have cause damage or disadvantage or some sort of deleterious event.
Fumbles are flavor to add in while telling the story and do not change the mechanics.

Lingering Injuries and Massive Damage tables are adapted from the optional rules in the DMG.

The Critical Hit table is an option to use instead of normal critical hit rules. 

In one page, the DM can have a more elaborate story that describes attacks and ability checks that don’t go so well!

Classic Sneak fail: The mess kit in your pack goes clattering down the stairs.  

Not subtle or believable

New Sneak Fail: A bat flys overhead dropping guano – causing the character to curse softly 

More Subtle, and still a fail!

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