Map The brAss bEnd Cafe

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About the map

Brass Bend Cafe

The brAss bEnd Cafe is an old gas station which was converted into a cafe about 10 years ago. The gas station was called the Brass Bend, because the surrounding golden hills bend around the valley where the station was built. After it was abandoned, some wasteland gangers took up shop here and spray painted over the Br and B, making it the Ass End Cafe. When those gangers died and the Earnhardts took up residence, they decided to leave it, as the cafe really is out in the ass end of nowhere.

A deal maker named Grin Bartley once visited the cafe and saw an old stage out back. Recognizing the potential, he opened the music venue with the blessings of the Earnhardt’s. The Ass End Cafe has become a well known, if eccentric, venue and tourist stop.

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