Blasters & Bulkheads 2nd ed.

Blasters & Bulkheads 2nd Ed. delivers cinematic sci-fi skirmish in the Space Opera tradition! Written with 15mm figures in mind, but easily adaptable to 28mm, B&B features complete character and henchmen creation rules, including background careers, special traits, and a system for weird power use. Create your own abilities with handy sidebars explaining how to craft unique traits and powers. Built around the tried and tested Goalsystem engine from Four-Color Studios, B&B only uses six-sided dice and requires just a handful of miniatures to play fast, fun, and rewarding sci-fi skirmishes. Players can advance their characters using a complete campaign and experience system. This 2nd ed. offers a clear, clean layout, new artwork, and expanded rule systems that  include more sample species, hacking, giant monsters, and damaging structures.

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