Cosmic Crystal Spaceship 40×30 Battlemap

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You are invited to test a new prototype spaceship, said to be the fastest between worlds. Built by an elite guild of dwarves, it utilises a new crystal technology that’s powered by the solar winds. They absorb the energy and release it as motion, but the ship’s true strength is its ability to jump between planes! It fazes between them by warping reality around it.

Once onboard with a representative from the guild, you sail deep into the Ocean of Night. You watch in awe as the other vessels sailing the solar winds quickly fall behind. Then your guide initialises the first inter-dimensional jump, and everything becomes blurry; edges fuzzy and undefined.

Suddenly, clarity returns with sharp crispness. You are somewhere completely different, staring at a planet comprised majorly of water, a steady stream of ships sailing by it. The dwarf grins and manipulates the controls again. Once more everything becomes blurry, before clearing up to see a larger planet of stone and burning lava, surrounded by multiple moons.

After a third jump, you find yourself staring out at a dark, uncharted expanse of the Sea of Night. There are no planets to be seen, nor other vessels. The dwarf goes to initiate another jump, but nothing happens. He frowns, staring at the controls. He checks a device hanging off his belt. According to the reading, there should be plenty of solar wind to power the crystals.

However, if the ship’s display is correct, it’s losing power—and not just for an interdimensional jump. If you don’t figure out why, the ship will lose all power and you’ll be stuck adrift in the uncharted territories.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Interdimensional parasites that feed on the energy of the crystals have been attracted to the ship and boarded during fazes. They are a glowing white ooze that pass through the walls and floors to coat the crystals, destroying them as they absorb the energy.

You must hunt them down before it’s too late. But they are hard to kill, as they—like the ship—faze between dimensions.

Shattered Cosmic Crystal Spaceship

Giant Turtle Submarine

The Doomsday Machine

Turtle Space Voyager

Magi-Tech Turtle Fortress of the Sea Pirates


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