Magic at the Museum (Part 02) – Map Pack

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Here’s the second part.

“The odd and eerie docent guides everyone through the door and speaks aloud: “Enter, the world’s most exquisite beasts from the high lands and the deep seas… from corridors far and dimensions near, here for you to prey upon with your slimy eyes and blunt teeth.”

Rows of glass containers decorate the walls, with within each container a creature of magnificence. You fail to see anything from within one of the glasses, with nothing more than an empty patch of jungle leering behind glass. “The Invisible Glurk,” it states, or whatever that means. A peek at another window has you looked upon as a meal ticket; with the sizable creatures leering at you with their long, gooey tongues and their insatiable hunger (and thirst) for humankind. “Mind you not to get too close to the glass, I might add… or you may lose an eye… or two,” the docent reminds you as he hides his ghastly grin and peeks his blinders at the guests.”

  • Grid size: 18×29
  • Formats: JPG, PDF (5400×8700 pixels, 300DPI)
  • Variations: Original, Original-Empty, Midnight, Shadowfell, Royal Sun, Amethyst Sky, Cloudscape

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for part three later this month!


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