Orb of True Democracy

Politics always was, is, and should be, about the efficient and effective mobilisation and utilisation of communal funds and resources.

However, in my time spent studying with the Archmage of Resources at the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan, I discovered that it has gotten mired with bribery, cronyism, nepotism, illegal patronage, scheming, greed, corruption, sloth, religious fanatics, crazy cults and self-aggrandising lunatics.

I chose this specific theme as the topic of my research because it is my belief that peaceful and hopeful society is indeed possible if people are given the tools to rule themselves. And what better way to accomplish this than with a touch of arcana!

These design blueprints provide detailed instructions to craft and enchant a powerful magical item that can enable a community to effectively govern themselves without needing any political bureauracracy or leadership heirarchy.

I hereby submit this manuscript as my application for promotion to the position of Researcher at the Arcane Brotherhood.

-Varian Starflower, Apprentice Wizard to the Archmage of Resources, The Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan-


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