Savage Rifts: Character Folio (SWADE Edition)

The Savage Rifts® Character Folio is now available with form-fillable fields on practically every page. Inside you’ll find a character sheet and multiple options to optimize your character’s other information like:

  • a page with with Powers, Cybernetics, notes on your Iconic FrameworkPower Armor,and your Heroic Path
  • a page with space for your character’s Background and Heroic Path
  • a page to list your Grimoire/ Psionic/ Mega Powers
  • a page for Robot Armor or a Vehicle
  • a page for Friend and Ally stat blocks
  • a page for Contacts and Nemeses
  • grid page for sketching out a map (old school!) or taking notes
  • add images for your characters

We’ve also added a handy reference sheet of Combat Options!

This product is priced at $4.99


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