Advanced Weapons 5E

Greetings future combat specialists!

The purpose of this document is to give the 5e mundane weapons a bit more variety, depth, and versatility, as I felt they didn’t feel distinct enough. Sure a scimitar and a handaxe are technically different, but both are 1d6 slashing damage, so they don’t feel very different while playing.
I understand that is where role play and DM description come in, but I still wanted more out of the base weapons.

For instance with Scimitars, if you are proficient with martial weapons and are dual weilding scimitars, you now gain a +1AC. The idea being you have two parrying weapons, so why wouldn’t that make you harder to hit?

On top of adding abilities, I’ve also added a few new properties, so keep an eye out for those. I’ve listed all the new properties on the last page.

I have also expanded the list of weapons to include some that I thought would make sense in a mundane weapon list. 

This will certainly add more complexity to an already complex game, so this will likely only benefit those who want more granularity out of their 5e combat and are good at keeping track of everything that is going on.
Most abilities are triggered by either a critical hit, or rolling max damage, but some are passive and some are conditional, so it will be up to the player to use them creatively.

In an attempt to make most weapons feel distinct from each other, what they do can go from probably overpowered to feeling a bit clunky. I’m hoping with some feedback and revisions I can minimize those effects.

I also hope to update the pdf as I think of more weapons, or new abilities.

Hope you like it!

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