Between Sun & Shadow: Royal Road Trip

Korbrok’s string of bad luck just won’t end… 

He has a chance to erase a significant debt he owes to the criminal organization known as the Unblinking Shadow by delivering a valuable item to them, but his caravan is stuck in the mud and is being attacked. If only some kind hearted Adventurers were traveling the same stretch of the Royal Road—or maybe someone just looking to make some coin. Perhaps they might help turn Korbrok’s run of bad luck into a winning streak.

Royal Road Trip is an adventure set in the World of Siran and requires the use of Between Sun & Shadow 2E and Tiny Dungeon 2E.

While it can be a one-shot adventure, Royal Road Trip gives the Game Master an opportunity to introduce some recurring non-player characters and one or more continuing story arcs, some of which will be continued in the Inner Light Series.

Royal Road Trip includes:

  • 3 new creatures.
  • 5 NPCs.
  • 20 suggestions for continuing the adventure.

This product is priced at $2.99


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