(ENG) Monsters of the MONTH 02 SAMPLE – The lost clans

This in a sample from “Monsters of the MONTH 02 – Garnoras Mountain, & other fantastic adventures,
this version include detailed Encounters and a list for the noble famillies members.

To obtain “Monsters of the MONTH 2” which contain the 4 Fantasy scenario of this month, along additional handouts :


Every Monday, discover a new monster and its quick plot-hook : a psychic parasite, a cursed item, a monstrous insect….

“Monsters of the Week” is a series of scenario, quick to read and to add to your play nights, whether to complete an ongoing campaign, to start one or simply for a one-shot !
They are not written for a specific system or universe in order to let you modify and develop them at will.


  • a quick-to-read plot-hook,
  • exclusive illustration for the monster,
  • a description of the creature.

Come and discover a new abomination each Monday,

and don’t miss the “Monsters of the MONTH” at the end of each month, containing a special scenario, developed scenarios, and other exclusive hand-outs !

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Drawing of a black and white mask, finger on its mouth.

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