One Page Dungeon: Black Bile Keep

You are an adventurer! You seek riches, gold, and glory! One Page Dungeon 2nd Edition is a back to basics RPG/Roll+Write mash-up game that focuses on simplicity and quick play.

Long dead King Briarbun once had a great Keep on the borderlands (more to keep his peasants in than invaders out). It was manned by Briarbun’s favorite dark wizard (and torturer) Devocallit. Unlike most dark wizards, Devocallit wasn’t into necromancy or death magic. Instead, he believed true power lied within the lesser known elements of this Earth and other realms. Word is he was consumed by one of his own experiments. However, now, long after his death, the Keep is infested with all manner of unholy creatures made of bile, blood, slime . . . and very little else. 

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