Ramayana Tales: Search for the Sanjivni

Ramayana Tales: Search for the Sanjivni is inspired by a story from the ancient Indian epic Ramayana. It places a group of 5th level adventurers in the midst of a great battle between humans and rakshasas. While the war rages, they have to sneak across the battlefield and retrieve a herb that can save the life of their prince. Time is running out, and there is betrayal at every turn! 


  • Adventure in a new land inspired by mythical India, with several encounters designed specifically to immerse players in the setting
  • Two new player races, the rakshasa and the vaanar
  • Several new monsters inspired by Indian folklore, along with original artwork

portrait of the Vaanar Uluka, a key NPC in the adventure

This purchase includes:

  • a 44-page full-color PDF, for 8-10 hours of gameplay
  • a low ink printer-friendly PDF
  • an accessible PDF tested for screen readers
  • a player primer covering the new races, background, and plot hooks
  • maps optimized for VTT
  • NPC and monster art asset

Content Warning:  Contains scenes of large-scale warfare and its aftermath, potential gore, undead, horror imagery, jump scares, allusions to class-based oppression, and snakes. 

Edited and co-produced by Jean Lorber. Find us on Twitter @undeadrajib1 and @jlorber4

Sample page of the adventure featuring the regional mapSample page of the adventure featuring artwork of the battlefield at nightSample page of the adventure featuring artwork of the cave, the primary location of Chapter 3

This product is priced at $4.95


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