State of the Dragon #130

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PATREON: Stream drafts will continue as normal, and other rewards are of course still available for those who wish to claim them. Beyond this, I’m planning to sit down and audit the goals, rewards, and the like to tweak them and make them better in some way. Not sure about a timeline on this, and this may be superseded by exploring other community platforms as mentioned, so this is generally low on the to-do list right now, but it’s in the works, and if there’s an interest in it, I can bump it ahead and push it to the forefront of things to do if people here want that to happen.

STREAMING: We had a good week of streaming this past week, and I look forward to another! Monday we did a writing stream and drafted a TTRPG adventure, and on Friday, we played a solo game called The Lurking Fear, which was pretty fun! We also had a nice long Runescape stream on Saturday, which I enjoyed very much. It’s very easy for me to stream, so I hope to sneak a few more of those in there when we have the chance. Ideally, we’ll get into the flow of streaming more often, and I’m working to take steps towards that. It’s pretty difficult since streaming often means being a bit loud, and I share a house with some people who would rather I not be making a ton of noise at odds hours, but I’ll try to work around that. Of course, feedback is welcome! If there’s something in particular you want to see in terms of content, let me know!

DISCORD: Not much to say here, but this is still a great place to be, and you should come check it out if you’ve not done so already!

RISE OF THE ROBOTS: Okay, didn’t get around to this last week, mostly because I kept telling myself I wanted to do something different with it in terms of my usual process of cleaning up adventure drafts. I don’t know that I have the means to do that right now, though I’ll give it one more look. If not, I’ll run it through my usual process, and hopefully at least start that this week. Trying to set realistic expectations here.

SOCIAL MEDIA: So, I’ve still been toying with Instagram, but I don’t really know what I’m doing there, and I’m becoming keenly aware of that. I’ll either be taking steps to adjust that, or else looking for another platform where I can engage actively. Honestly, I’m just feeling kind of put off by social media in general recently, but that’s no excuse to not try to do it right. here’s hoping I figure it out.

BLOG: Big progress made here. We’re nearly done with the archival process, and I expect that to finish up this week. Starting next week, we’ll probably be working on making other needed technical adjustments I discussed a while back. From there, we move into working up the new content for the blog and getting that concept refined a bit. I’m excited for it, even if it is still a little ways off.

OTHER PROJECTS: So much on our plate here, but a lot of it is still in its early forms, so I can’t really break these off an talk about them as separate projects yet. I’m closing up on one commission, and this week I plan to be going full speed ahead into another. I’ve also got a meeting to discuss some of the details for Tidebreaker later this week, though I imagine we’re still a ways out before the work I have to do comes in. I’ve got a couple other things as well moving though. A submission to a magazine. My big personal project, as well as a couple smaller ones, which will require me learning some new skill sets I’m excited to pursue. Beyond that, I’ve got some work to do tightening up some things on the back end and streamlining some of my more tedious work, as well as a little bit of a minor front-end facelift coming soon. Like I said, there’s a lot on my plate right now.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: I don’t want to dwell on personal things too much this go around, but needless to say I’ve been working at a frenzied pace, and on the one hand I’m hopeful to see this develop, on the other I’m frustrated that I’m not already there. Nothing for it but to play through and see where things end up on the other side.

Let’s wrap it up there. There’s a lot to do, so I’ll get back to it. Take care everybody, I’ll be back with you in the next one!


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