The Mine of Montalla

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Scattered throughout Wordal are remains and ruins of old settlements and buildings, dating back long before anyone can remember. Little is known about the civilization that built these structures, but it is commonly accepted that they were an advanced and powerful. That raises another question: what caused their downfall? How could such an advanced civilization be wiped from the material plane, leaving nothing behind but some scattered ruins?

Many scholars and adventurers travel the world to study these ruins and solve the mystery of these ancient people. The group of adventurers that bought this mine have the same goal. They were led to believe that one such ruin was located under the Para’s, near the mine of Montalla. After some weeks of mining the group has found what looks like an entrance. An open room supported by large pillars. At the end of the room is a large wall. 

Behind this wall may lie answers about this great civilization. Or about its downfall.

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