Treasure Map Kit | Giant Free Pirate-Themed Collaboration

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Ahoy, ye scurvy treasure hunters! It be gold we be after!

I teamed up with 8 other RPG creators to put together this awesome Treasure Map Kit! The full kit includes over 80 icons, symbols, markings, and blank paper templates for you to drag around and create your own treasure maps and region maps… but as a twist, most of the “Points of Interest” icons have their own battlemap! These are perfect for combat, roleplaying, and puzzle encounters. You can see the battlemaps and their related treasure map icons below.

In addition to the 25 battlemaps, we’ve included over 23 treasure hunting themed item cards and 5 pirate themed monsters for all your swashbuckling needs, as well as two versions of my track “Ancora Bound”, a sea shanty your players will be singing along with as you explore.

You can download a free version of the kit below—which includes all the battlemaps (with grids and watermarks) and watercolor treasure map icons, plus the intrumental version of my track—plus all of our Patrons have access to isometric icons, battlemaps (with and without grids, no watermarks), more items, and the catchy vocal rendition of “Ancora Bound.”

Limithron patrons also get extra icons, treasure pit tiles/tokens, printable PDFs, and a Foundry VTT module of my elements of the kit (see below).

Patreon Creators

Each of these creators are among my personal favorites… some of them I even supported on Patreon long before I was drawing my own maps! Each are offering their own extra rewards for this kit (and for their other maps), so please take a look at their pages and support them!

Afternoon Maps: Sea Arch & Ruined Cabin battlemaps

Inocyde: Raft & Dead Shark battlemaps, item art & cards

Limithron: Treasure Map Assets and Icons, Dead Tree X, Lava Bridge, Rope Bridge, & Treasure Pit battlemaps

Loot Tavern: Item art & cards

Music d20 (that’s me!): “Ancora Bound” &Ancora Bound (Vocal)”

Ori the Cartographer: Waterfall, Frog Shrine, Giant Seashells, & Mysterious Rock battlemaps

The Reclusive Cartographer: Hangman’s Tree, Jungle Stream, & Lagoon battlemaps

Rudok’s Maps: Whirlpool & Skull Rock battlemaps, item art & cards, creature art & cards

Tom Cartos: Lone Tree Island, Coral Reef Island, Sea Cave, Jungle Path, Village, Stonehenge & Cabin battlemaps


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