Triamore: The Covenant at Lucien’s Folly

Creating a complete, compelling covenant is a difficult job. Make that work easier with the Triamore sourcebook for Ars Magica fourth edition. Within its pages lies a detailed profile of the Triamore covenant. Drop the covenant straight into your saga, or scavenge the ideas within to create a covenant more suited to your plot.

The Triamore covenant is located in a great castle in the lands of the Holy Roman Empire. Along with the detailed information about the covenant, its resources, and inhabitants, this sourcebook explains how the setting is similar to — or different from — every covenant, village, county, and duchy across Mythic Europe.

Use this detailed and complete study to inspire your games and make better use of any covenant in your saga.

Triamore is out of print. It requires Ars Magica fourth edition to play.

Triamore: Contents

  • Welcome to Triamore
  • Welcome to Bois de Haillot
  • The Covenant of Triamore
  • Triamore’s Holdings
  • The Lands About Triamore
  • Appendix I: Triamore’s Library
  • Appendix II: Alternate Experience System
  • Bibliography
  • Index


2000 Origins Award Nominee – Best Roleplaying Supplement.

This product is priced at $14.95


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