40×30 Battlemap – Lord’s Manor

Lord’s Manor

Colourful marble tiles arrayed in decadent patterns adorn the floors of this mansion. A private temple contains a table filled with sacred objects, guarded by statues of praying figures. A planetarium waits for eager academics, but a secret door leads to a hidden passage into the temple. 

A well-stocked kitchen is warmed by a burning hearth, next door to the servants quarters, complete with their own dining table and beds for three. Further down is the larder, and quarters for armed guards. 

There is a library for peaceful reading, as well as a secondary study filled with weapons, documents, and more robed statues. Beyond it is a courtyard for sparring practice, filled with gravel and sparse ferns. 

Sumptuous chambers await the Lord and Lady of the manor, complete with a personal altar topped with flowers and braziers. Next to them are the chambers of academics, filled with strange crystals, notes and other artifacts. 

At its centre is a round ball room, perfect for dancing sacrifices.

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