Legendary Druids (PF1) manuscript complete! Plus Akashic classes!

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Following on the fantastic nature focus of last month’s Legendary Hunters, this book delves into all aspects of the druid. It’s always been kind of a strangely overstuffed class, with different sets of abilities that could each be their own class – shapeshifting, animal companion, and nature magic – and boiled them all together into a composite whole that, at various evolutions of the game, has resulted in a final class that is often too weak or wayyyy too strong depending on how certain rules work together. We looked hard at each of those aspects and ways that druids could specialize in one or the other and find the happy medium that blends all three and more! 

Akashic Classes Coming Soon! 

We also wanted you to know that we have two additional classes coming your way this spring using the akashic rule set. It’s always fun with 3PP play around with each others’ systems and classes and concepts, and this is no different. We’ve got creators who really enjoy systems like Spheres of Power and Akashic Magic and we are excited to see their new creations. We’re still bouncing around possible names for the classes; they have placeholders but we’ll see if those survive playtest and make it to the finish line. For now, the Volur is effectively an akashic witch and the Kheshig is more of an akashic knight. We’ll have more to reveal as we get closer, but the Volur should be going into playtest soon! 


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