The Aegis: A Fusion of Soul and Steel

The Aegis is a fusion of soul and steel. It is a frontline warrior that has formed a bond to a set of enchanted armor which grows as the wearer increases in power and might. Additional options unlock as they grow, making each particular Aegis unique! Six new subclasses support a variety of playstyles. 

This includes the base class, The Aegis and subclasses.

The fiend bonded who joins flesh and soul to a fiend in return for power.

The Knightblade, a stealth focused fighter that distracts enemies in combat.

The Hot Rod, for the player who really wants to go fast and also be a car.

The Spirit Guardian, a heavily armored defender of their friends that can project a field of force to absorb damage.

The Steel Temepst, with big weapons and big armor they’re ready for battle.

The World Soul, a naturally inclined Aegis that blends druidic spells with battle prowess.

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