A Dangerous Place in the Woods!

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We continue the new workflow process that will let us create better adventures and TTRPG supplements. We’re packing 3-4 map creations into a single, longer-format adventure that allows us to pack more content into our one-shot adventures!

A large forest is in turmoil after a band of orc brigands moved in and somehow bound a powerful entity in the forest to their will. Their witchcraft gives them control of the Forest Guardian, a large deer-shaped elemental that normally protects the forest. In their quest to investigate a form to defeat the orcs, the heroes reach this part of the forest where a group of orc rangers attempts to murder them from a large rock outcropping.

This is a 30×30 squares Roll20-optimized wilderness battlemap! It will be featured in our upcoming adventure The Forest Guardian!

Here are two close-shots.

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