Beach Tavern (The Oubliette)

Ages ago a tower stood upon this beach, although its purpose is now lost in the mists of time. All that remains is the first floor which has been converted into an impromptu tavern for passing vessels and island residents. Pirates are the most common visitor. They not only avail themselves of wine and grog (and the tavern’s surprisingly tasty fish stew), they also use the rather grim hole at the jungle’s edge known as “the oubliette” to deposit prisoners and from which the tavern gets its name. The oubliette isn’t fancy, consisting of nothing more than deep sandstone shaft terminating in a dark wooden cell at the bottom.

There are a couple of secrets here: a secret door in the oubliette cell, while in the tavern proper there is a disguised hatch underneath the fire place at the center of the room. Both lead to a hidden shrine dedicated to a dark island god and a crack in the earth that potentially leads to even darker terrors in the depths below.

Beach at the edge of a jungle with 2 huts and the base of a tower

The hidden shrine, a work room, and a prisoner's cell.

Close up of the tavern in the base of the tower

Close up of the hidden shrine rooms

  • Beach / Tavern map; 72dpi, 2800x2800px, 25×25 squares (grid and non-grid versions)
  • Oubliette / Hidden Shrine: 72dpi, 2800x2800px, 25×25 squares (grid and non-grid versions)
  • 2 “bonus” maps that include a prisoner in the oubliette (grid and non-grid)

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