The Archivist’s Wedding – A one-shot adventure of social encounters


“Teh Archivist’s Wedding” is a D&D 5th Edition adventure featuring a lot of social interactions and creativity and resolcing of an underlying mystery. The adventure contains 6 pages of content through 5 main scenes, 4 battle maps.

It is expected to provide about 5-6 hours of play time with active roleplay for a party of 3 or 4 adventurers at level 3.

————————————-The Story————————————-

This is Aila’Domen’s greatest day – connecting her life to that of a man she loves. The best place and people are all in place for the ceremony. The Archives of Elenel are ready to host the event. A lot of things need to be taken care of to make sure the occasion is uninterrupted, and the celebrated pair has the best day in their lives. You are tasked to take care of the wedding as acolytes of the Archive. Make sure everything is in place, and help the event go uninterrupted!

————————————-Good to Know————————————-

Contents of the download package include the maps, and the PDF of the adventure. Character tokens and pre-made character sheets are not part of the package.

The adventure is very heavily focusing on role play and social intrigue

Upon request, I can provide you the adventure as a pre-created Roll20 campaign as well with everything in place.

If you have comments, requests or notice some errors within the adventure, do not hesitate to let me know – your satisfaction is top priority for me!

I hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as I did creating it!