Amidst Them

The waves lap at your face as you come to. The mid-morning sun shines brightly upon you. Spitting sand from your mouth you stand up in a shallow pool on a strange beach you were half laying in. Peering around, you see others doing the same. You have no idea who they are.

Looking at the tree line, you see some kind of structure. It appears to extend deeper into the island and appears to be overgrown by vegetation. You hear a bird call from deep in the forest and look back at those near you. Everyone is now standing and trying to get their bearings. One of them points to a shipwreck on the beach and says, “Does anyone remember that?”

Searching your mind for answers, you have no recollection of being on a ship. All you remember is tossing and turning in your sleep. Someone yelling at you, and a gigantic wave crashing over you. You seem to remember feeling a sense of falling, of being at the mercy of the elements. Everything else before a couple of days ago is a blur.

This Arc is designed to be a single 2-hour session for use with the Shattered Dawn 2nd Edition Starter Kit. The starter kit is required to play, as this product does not contain any of the rules for character creation or gameplay.

This product is priced at $5.00


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