Archetypes of Ravnica

Archetypes of Ravnica features 10 new Ravnica-inspired subclasses, one for each of the plane’s ten guilds. This supplement is perfect for players who want to choose a subclass that fits in perfectly with their chosen guild or anyone hoping to play a flavorful character with a unique archetype. While based on the Ravnica setting, these subclasses are designed to be setting-neutral and can be played anywhere.

Archetypes of Ravnica includes the 10 subclasses, as well as optional information about the role they serve in each guild in Ravnica. It also includes rules for a new type of artisan’s tool, the distiller’s supplies.

The subclasses found in this supplement are:

  • Aeronaut artificer (Izzet)
  • Path of the Rubble Rider barbarian (Gruul)
  • College of the War Blast bard (Boros)
  • Debt Collector fighter (Orzhov)
  • Way of Mutation monk (Simic)
  • Oath of Fun paladin (Rakdos)
  • Caretaker ranger (Selesnya)
  • Intelligencer rogue (Dimir)
  • Endomycesis sorcerer (Golgari)
  • Bureaucracy warlock (Azorius)

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