Strange creatures are roaming the land! You have seen plenty, but those things are something else
entirely. The chimeric amalgams and abominable hybrids from origins unknown are wreaking havoc
and terrorizing the area. No end in sight to their squalid reign.

BEstitchARY is a third-party bestiary zine slash supplement for MÖRK BORG, which lets you
generate creatures by… stitching them together. 



This 23 pages long A5 PDF zine contains:

  • D20 reasons for strange creatures to appear
  • 60 unique creature parts (fronts and backs) allowing for 900 permutations!
  • Two simple ways to generate the creatures
  • Some additional optional rules to spice things up
  • An empty template to create creature parts of your own

All the creature parts include:

  • An illustration that seamlessly fits other parts
  • Part of the name
  • MÖRK BORG compatible stats: HP, morale, weapons, and armor 
  • A unique special ability
  • Size of the creature and the sounds it makes
  • Some creatures carry loot or have valuable hunting trophies
  • Price for a captured specimen


We all live in apocalyptic times now and it might take a while before we can meet in person again, print
some weird creatures, and have some good o’ hacking and slashing. Many of us have no other option
than to play online and I wanted to address that as well, so I came up with The Stitcherer.

The Stitcherer is a one-page PDF file which lets you automatically generate the BEstitchARY creatures
by using the Adobe Reader’s  javascript and layer capbilities. It’s as simple as pressing a button.

You can find the DEMO of The Stitcherer on my Itch page by googling:
The Stitcherer (DEMO) by NeonoN”.

!!! Compatibility !!!

The Stitcherer is only supported by the desktop version of Adobe Reader both on Mac and PC.
However, you won’t be able to run it on the Adobe Reader browser or mobile applications.
I tried many mobile applications but none of them supported the capabilities needed for it to work.


If you are truly blessed to own a printer, this guide is for you!

Print it as a zine!

To print it as a zine that you can easily flip through and let it collect dust on your shelf, I recommend
to use BEstitchARY (A5) BW.pdf file, open it through Adobe Reader, and set the print settings to
the below:

  • Page Sizing & Handling: Booklet
  • Booklet subset: Both sides
  • Binding: Left


The end result will be an A5 format zine with pages printed on both sides of the paper.

Print it as cards!

All the creature body parts within this zine are essentially cards one can print and use to generate
some really unsettling abominations. If you have printed it as a zine however, you might notice that
the cards don’t really have any card backs – just the fronts on each side of the page. To print it as
one-sided cards, I recommend to use BEstitchARY (A4) BW.pdf file, open ith through Adobe Reader,
and set the print settings to the below:

  • Page Sizing & Handling: Size
  • Custom Scale: 100%


The end result will be a set of one-sided A4 pages, each containing up to 4 full creatures or 8 creature
body part cards. Each card should have the dimensions of a regular TCG type card: 63 × 88 mm or
2.5 x 3.5 inches.  For protection you can then either laminate the cards or use regular TCG card sleeves.

BEstitchARY and The Stitcherer are an independent production by Michal Gotkowski and are not
affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. They are published under the MÖRK
BORG Third Party License

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

This product is priced at $7.50


This is an affiliate post