DIESEL Quick Play

Welcome to DIESEL. At the end of reality, impossible things happen. Players are Diesels, humans heavily modified by biotechnology to run on diesel fuel. Each is unique and powerful, able to push beyond normal limits. 

DIESEL’s d6 pool system is designed to provide a cinematic action experience. The ability to overclock mods encourages players to think big, but it is not without risk–mechanical parts can malfunction! The entire system is built to encourage the Rule of Cool: instead of worrying about complex rules when a player has a cool idea, in DIESEL we say “hell yes!” Coupled with an emotional core, DIESEL creates memorable and unique gameplay experiences.

These quick play rules provide information on DIESEL’s combat and character generation, including a few select mods to choose from. More mods, details, rules, and the complete setting of Edge can be found in DIESEL’s Core Rulebook, coming to Kickstarter March 1!

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