GLarg! 33.3 year anniversary reprint

GLarg!GLarg! covers

GLarg! was my fanzine which ran to 10 issues between 1985 and 1989. When I heard about Zine Quest on Kickstarter I decided to do a ‘Best of’ with some of the best and worst bits of the issues I could still find. This is that ‘Best of’ which also happened to be the third of a century anniversary of the first issue.

GLarg! ensemble 1

The zine was loosely based around the RPG hobby and had a Solo Quest in each issue. Most of it was fairly silly, scrawls and cartoons and waffley chat. Some of it makes me cringe, some of it I love and it still gives me a little chuckle.

This special edition contains 4 of the solo quests and some of the best and worst bits from the glory days of true cut and paste zining!

GLarg! ensemble 2

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