March Previews + Roadmap

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March New Releases

In March we’re going to change the way we deliver models, starting with model delivery on the 4th day of the month (instead of the last day of the month)!

We’ve got 3 big releases for you, with some massive Havoc Daemons, a big Dwarf army, as well as a big Battle Sisters army. On top of that we’re also going to be releasing not one, but two full sets of themed bases, rulers, objective markers and dice.

For 2D print we’re going to be releasing the TAO Coalition army and the Artisans Gang, as well as a set of 2.5D Hive City Terrain. Finally we’ll be releasing chapter 5 of Darkness Within, and we’re going to keep working on our skirmish adventure game Sellswords.

That’s $275+ worth of content for just $10!

3D Print Rewards (47 models):

  • Havoc Daemons – Daemon of War x1
  • Havoc Daemons – Daemon of Change x1
  • Havoc Daemons – Daemon of Plague x1
  • Havoc Daemons – Daemon of Lust x1
  • Dwarves – Lords x2
  • Dwarves – Warriors x10
  • Dwarves – Riflemen x5
  • Dwarves – Assault Suits x3
  • Dwarves – Ranged Suits x3
  • Battle Sisters – Champion x1
  • Battle Sisters – Troops x8
  • Battle Sisters – Fanatics x5
  • Battle Sisters – Biker Sisters x3
  • Battle Sisters – Biker Fanatics x3
  • Dwarves – Themed Bases x44
  • Dwarves – Game Aids x9
  • Battle Sisters – Themed Bases x44
  • Battle Sisters – Game Aids x9

2D Print Rewards:

  • TAO Coalition Army (2 Colors + PSD)
  • The Artisans Gang (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Terrain (2 Colors + PSD)

Games Rewards:

  • Sellswords (beta)
  • Darkness Within (Chapter 1-5)

The above is only the new stuff that’s being added next month, so you’re also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, 50% discount code, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

The coming months are going to see more changes coming to our project, aimed at delivering more content to you than ever before. 😀

In April we’ll be starting with the release of the new Loyalty Rewards, which we’ll be showing off throughout March. We’ll also be going to work on the Saurian Starhost and DaVinci armies, and we’ll be showing you progress on those as they come along as well.

Starting in April we’ll also be gradually releasing more Dwarf and Battle Sister models, which are going to be added alongside the regular releases. These armies will continue to get small releases every month for the rest of the year, so that we’ll hopefully have the entire army lines covered by the end of 2021.

There’s also a lot more stuff that we’re planning on doing, but that still isn’t set in stone. This includes completing our line of 3D spaceships, adding cute army mascots, making RPG characters, expanding previous releases, and much more!

Here’s a breakdown by month:

  • April – Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 1), New Loyalty Rewards
  • May – Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 2)
  • June – Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 3)
  • July – TAO Coalition & Beastmen (Wave 1), New Loyalty Rewards
  • August – TAO Coalition & Beastmen (Wave 2)

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– Gaetano


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