Seeker’s Guide

The world is broken, broken long ago by the Gods who made us—broken when they fled to fight their eons-long war and took with them all the metal of the land. And their children, they left behind in a world that cares for them not at all. A world savage, beautiful and wondrous all at once.

But the people adapted to what was left. When the gods created humans, they invested in them a fragment of their own Essence, and it bonded with the world around them, allowing them to command animals and plants and reshape their bodies. With no metal, they crafted other substances and made symbiotic lifeforms to act as weapons, armor, and tools. And a few found shards of Chaos. The power the Gods used to create, but in human hands, it causes much havoc.

There are many mysteries in the World of Asunder. Some are just beneath the surface of the land, and some have caused the dead to rise, consuming all in their path. Where are demons birthed? What do the Naga want? Is the world truly coming to an end? Is Gaia the mother of the planet, or simply devouring the humans in it? To find answers, some form bands of Seekers: powerful, adventurous individuals, outcasts in search of more. Their story is your story. 

You hold the Seeker’s Guide for Asunder in your hands, a resource that contains all the rules you need to be a Seeker, as well as many your Keeper needs to run the game. Asunder is a game of people seeking truth, power, and belonging in a savage world without metal or Gods.

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