Sorcerous Origin: Arcane Infection

You did not always possess arcane gifts within. These abilities were gained through contagious, communicable means. Perhaps a disease that escaped from a plane of high magic, or a parasite gifting you with magical prowess. However infected, these sorcerers are so fundamentally altered by an arcane pathogen that it infuses their blood with the essence of the arcane weave.”

The Arcane Infection sorcerous origin is a unique subclass option. Rather than being something that the character is born with, this gives the opprotunity to create sorcerers who gained their abilities through being changed by a magical afflcition. This also solves the common problem of difficulty multiclassing into sorcerer, as perhaps a character is infected by an arcane infection at some point during an ongoing campaign. 

This is my second subclass, and I plan on creating many more in the future! My previous work was the Happy Wayfarer Ranger, which can be found on my DM’s Guild page. Additionally, if you’re looking for even more spellcasting options for your sorcerer, I released an array of Enhanced Elemental Spells for 5e, which can also be found here on DM’s Guild.

Reviews and criticism are always appreaciated! I can be found @QuinnTheGM on Twitter, or via my email: I hope that this subclass is an interesting addition to any campaign! 

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