The Keeper’s Tome

Asunder is a primal world with no metal, abandoned by its gods, and plagued with warring factions and dark mysteries. This world is also dying. Some have seen the signs and are seeking answers or maybe a last grab for power before it’s over. They are Seekers. 

However, amid the savagery and despair, there is great beauty and wonder in this world. Humans have shaped plants into machines and bonded with beasts and even the mighty ocean. It is a place that holds no parallel. There are Lost civilizations, monsters the size of hills, and plants that feast on humans. And then, of course, there is chaos. A force only meant for gods, but in the hands of mortals creates terrifying havoc, but its power is an addiction few can break.

And you, you will be the Keeper of this worlds’ secrets. You will share them with your Seekers as you lead them on an impossible journey into the frightening unknown. It is a holy and terrifying calling, but one full of rich reward.

You hold in your hands the Keeper’s Tome for Asunder, a resource that contains the secrets, political intrigue, cultural depth, and monster creation needed to be a captivating storyteller. Asunder is a game of people seeking answers to a dying world. Though their motives are seldom pure, one thing is sure: struggle, intrigue, and mystery await them.

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