The Last Harvest – A one-shot adventure for new DMs and players

“The Last Harvest” is a D&D 5th Edition bite-sized adventure – easy to run both for DMs and players, without heavy commitments. The adventure contains 4 pages of content through 3 main scenes, 3 monster stat blocks, and can be ran through Theater of mind.

It is expected to provide about 2-3 hours of play time with some roleplay for a party of 3 or 4 adventurers at level 2-4.

————————————-The Story————————————-

Living in the Grassland near the town of Eltun – the 4 bandits are used to hostile, less than civilized conditions. Hunting for food, gathering rain water and stealing supplies from lost travelers is an integral part of living the outlaw life. You are also used to the dangers of the grassland. The multitude of ruins left here by a forgotten era can’t really surprise you anymore. This day is almost like all others – but what starts as a simple scavenging and hunting for food – turns to something… Extraordinary

————————————-Good to Know————————————-

Contents of the download package include the  PDF of the adventure. 

The adventure can be a gateway for new players or DMs trying to get into the game, it does not require a lot of preparations, is straightforward to run and has just a small bit of mystery inside.

If you have comments, requests or notice some errors within the adventure, do not hesitate to let me know – your satisfaction is top priority for me!

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I hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as I did creating it!

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