The Smog of Arbax – Part One – Burggeat (The Gatehouse)

The Smog of Arbax – Part One – Burggeat (The Gatehouse)

The Smog of Arbax casts a shadow across the road. Purplish mists drift up into the sky as high as the eye can see. Many square miles of forested hills lie obscured under the smog. The cloud always hovers over the same patch of territory, and seems immune to the wind, but the mists appear to roil and swirl, and some travelers report sightings of strange spirit-like shadows swimming within the clouds. Locals whisper that any person or animal entering the smog dies a horrible death due to asphyxiation. History has forgotten the origins of the Smog of Arbax, or even how it got its name, and the smog serves now as nothing more than a fearful curiosity, eliciting nervous glances from the many pilgrims and merchants who pass by on the road below.

Until one day an ancient message surfaces, apparently a call for aid, sent by a forgotten kindgom that occupied the land centuries ago when the smog descended. The message promises a vault of silver to anyone who comes to the aid of the people trapped within the smog. History does not record whether or not the aid ever came. Does the vault of silver still lie beneath the mists, waiting for brave adventurers to claim it?

The Smog of Arbax is an introductory adventure module for use with Worlds Without Number. The scenario comprises four parts: 1) Burggeat (The Gatehouse), 2 Cyneburg (The Castle), 3) Hearg (The Temple), and 4. The Hive.

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