Trade Guilds of Waterdeep

Written primarily for players looking to add some additional flavor to their characters, this document provides rules for joining trade guilds and downtime activities for guild work. These rules take a slightly different approach to guilds and are designed to be a low-maintenance activity, require little DM oversight, and provide a clear difference to factions and other nontrade ‘guilds’ such thieves guilds. This document is divided into three sections:

Section 1: General Information

  • Calendar. This includes clarification of the treatment of weeks, workweeks, and tendays.
  • Downtime Sources. This includes ways characters obtain downtime.
  • Downtime Guild Work Income. This includes some clarifications on guild work rules.

Section 2: The Guilds

  • Guild Characteristics. This section provides some general details about guilds in Waterdeep and how to join them.
  • Artisan Guilds. These guilds cover traditional crafting and artistic jobs such as armorers, carpenters, musicians, etc.
  • Labor Guilds. These guilds focus on more mundane labor-oriented tasks such as dungsweeping and laundering.
  • Owners Guilds. These guilds are for the owners of industries and properties such as innkeepers, mariners, etc.
  • Broker Guilds. These guilds focus on buying from suppliers outside the city and selling to businesses inside the city at wholesale prices.
  • Other Guilds. These are other guilds that don’t easily fit into other categories.

Section 3: Character Options

  • Downtime Activity. This includes a new downtime activity, dumpcart diving, which any character can do.

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