Trees are People too – a Seekers Beyond the Shroud scenario

Welcome to Lincoln, ME. This small, struggling town has seen better days, but life went on as usual at the shores of Mattanawcook Pond. That is, until some reports of loggers finding human limbs inside trees, and the rumors started going. News of this has reached  the Omphalos, and it looks like someone has to go all the way there and find what is going on…

Trees are People Too is a scenario for the solo, modern-day occult RPG Seekers Beyond the Shroud. In it you will find:

  • A branching, investigative story, that would take you to different locales in Lincoln, ME, where you will meet an interesting array of characters while you try to find out what is going on.

  • In a race against time, you will have to make tough choices that will change the outcome of the story. With four potential endings, your decisions really do matter!

  • New items and a new spell for your character to obtain (if you make the right choices!). 

And and it’s always the case with any Seekers Beyond the Shroud product, fantastic new art and layout!

This product is priced at $5.00


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