Two races and two subraces for 5E based on Slavic Mythology

Two races and two subraces for 5E based on Slavic Mythology.

In this supplement, you gain the options to play as the following races;

  • Widmak. A race of spirits who grew a physical body after binding to a specific place. This is a catch-all of sorts for playing a Kikimora, Bannik, Vodnik, Leshy, and more! What location do you want to bind to? A house, a farm, a swamp, or maybe an outhouse? 
  • Kurer Orc. A large hairy creature based on south Slavic carnival creatures. Kind of like Krampus, but wilder! Here they are long-lost cousins of the traditional orc, adapted to living in the frigid peaks of mountains. 
  • Polevik. A dwarven subrace with some widmak blood in them. Unlike their cousins, they prefer to live in the outdoors. They are based on the Polevik. 
  • Vila elves. An elven subrace based on the Wila. These elves are in fact people who met an untimely end and were revived as vila elves by the Goddess of winter and rebirth to get a second chance in life.  

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