100 Irrelevant Notes and Letters to Bamboozle Players III

Here, then, are 100 different notes, letters, demands, lists, reports, threats, evidence of conspiracies or the ravings of madmen that all look like they might be important, but have no actual meaning – unless, of course, the GameMaster decides otherwise. These can be used to answer the question, “What do we find?” with some misleading answers. Alternatively, they could be used as a source of adventure hooks or ideas.

There are two tables. The main one is the list of actual notes and there is a supplementary one that gives 12 different conditions for the notes to be found in (a thirteenth is naturally neither damaged nor unusual).

Most of the notes are suitable for any setting, including modern and futuristic. Some may need tweaking to remove references to magic or supernatural creatures. Names and places can be added or changed to be more relevant to a setting or adventure.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • Meet me at the previously discussed location, along with the items I had you recover from the collector. They may have little intrinsic value but they are needed for what we are about to do. It is important that, when I start the process, no-one disturbs me. Interruptions could result in what we are attempting going very badly wrong and starting prematurely. None of us are likely to survive such an incident. Q.
  • My Lady, Though I understand your grief and sympathise with it, I cannot join with you in your plan. I believe that, whilst what your son did was wrong, he did not deserve to die for it, no more than I believe any person deserves to die. To continue with what you have planned will result in more deaths, and that I cannot agree to be part of. I only hope you realise the pain your actions done in grief will cause, and that they would lead to other mothers being in the same position as you. My prayers are with you always. Jarranik Kilthorne.
  • My new group is loyal, which means that they will not need to meet the same fate as the last. Furthermore, we’ve found an excellent base, an abandoned and ruined fort. The fort may be ruined but the underground complex was still in good shape. I’ve got them currently cleaning out some of the debris, looting anything that looks lootable and reactivating some of the old defences. Hopefully, the latter won’t claim too many lives.
  • My plans are progressing just as I intended. I will have revenge on those fools who killed my lord. They called him mad when he was in truth a genius. A visionary, who saw what my experiments could mean and encouraged them. With the end all too obvious, I had to leave his side so that his work could be continued and his death avenged. I have sought out new allies, ones who are mouldable to my desires. My plots managed to get me inside, as I offered succour that no-one else could – of course they couldn’t, for I was the one behind the illness. My experiments are finally starting to show fruit and my creation is growing in strength and power. Once it is grown, I will create more and yet more of them. With an army of my creations behind me, none will stand in my way.
  • No more chances. Pay your debt now. You may have thought moving away would mean I wouldn’t find you. You were wrong. O.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and one is ads.

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