40×30 Battlemap – Ruined Temple of Hammerwatch

Ruined Temple of Hammerwatch

The stone walls of this ancient, dwarven temple crumble away from the caverns they were carved into. Built into the side of a mountain, its centre is filled with a pool of mysterious, still water surrounded by four angel statues. 

There is a hall, shaped as though it might have once sat a throne, as well as an abandoned planetarium. A larder waits with rotting barrels, while crumbling stones lay scattered throughout the many rooms. Some of them connect to natural tunnels which burrow deeper into the mountain. 

Planks of timbers cross chasms where the floor has fallen away, while outside lush, green ferns and wildflowers thrive. It has been a long time any dwarven monks have set foot within. The question is, why? 

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