A Magical Artifact Horn to Retrieve!

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We continue the new workflow process that will let us create better adventures and TTRPG supplements. We’re packing 3-4 map creations into a single, longer-format adventure that allows us to pack more content into our one-shot adventures!

The only way to thwart the plans of an evil orc chieftain and its control over the Forest Guardian is by retrieving the Horn of Rain from a bygone vault in the depths of the forest. Fey creatures cannot enter, the adventurers and an accompanying druid are the only ones who can get it to stop the fey spirit.

This is a 15×38 squares Roll20-optimized dungeon battlemap! It will be featured in our upcoming adventure The Forest Guardian!

Here are two close-shots of this dungeon map:

Here you can see one of the keys that open the main vault!

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