Communer ( Ranger Archetype Subclass)


As she and her employers delve deep into the underground passage, the elf bows in respect to the entrance of the Underdark. 

Instantly, her blade lights up filling her with determination!

Nature is a powerful and overwhelming force. Some however seek not to control it but to attune with it.
A few rangers hold the gift to bring forth the powers hidden in natural terrains to aid them in their quests.
Through these travels, they gather abilities that make them perfect guides. These guides are known
as Communers.

Nature seems to gift these rangers with whatever they need to ease their travels. They can bring
forth light in the dark, warmth in the cold, and agility when they need it. Wherever they
might find themselves, they always improve the odds of surviving. Speaking with the surrounding nature, attuning to it,
and drawing the deep powers it holds is a secret few have unveiled, and the most powerful Communers can do it from miles away.

There is more to a Communer than a connection with nature around her.
It’s a link with the world itself that can be invoked whenever necessary. After all, there is a saying that runs through these Rangers: “Nature provides and I take”.

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About Us:

Pedro Moura

I’m a 28 year old portuguese game designer and I’ve been a
DM for 9 years, starting in 4th edition and continuing to
5th edition. As DM I have made many mistakes and
learned a lot. I’ve mastered games for characters level 1 to
20, and will continue making even more games!

Pedro Cunha

My name is Pedro Cunha, a 27-year-old biologist that fell
into the world of Dungeons and Dragons in 2011, along with
Pedro Moura and our other friends. We grew together as
players and Dungeon Masters, but Moura and I were the two
that most enjoyed the process of character creation and

Lately, Moura has often asked me for help in designing and
creating new homebrew content. At first, I was just giving
some input and extra ideas, but as I dug deeper I started
enjoying myself more and now we’re here: creating awesome
content together, for us and you!


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