DM’s Essential – Civilization Builder

A dungeon master’s essential, the Civilization Builder. This project was intended to streamline building up nations, societies and other organizations while also centralizing the point that culture should always be the centerpoint of civilizations. 

The first chapter begins with a step by step process by which anyone can build a strong, powerful civilization with little effort and need for understanding. The following chapters helps key in the focuses that a dungeon master should take when taking on the part of creating a civilization ahead of time, and the important aspects to consider. 

This project features the nation’s ability scores, a mechanic used to better familiarize yourself with a country’s strengths and weaknesses, and used to help create defining features throughout the country. It also features example governments and the process by which you can create your own type of government by fulfilling the roles that a government must succeed. 

Within it are also guides on environmental influences on the government itself that can either be taken as a guideline or as a hard and fast rule. Going indepth through all the planes of existence presented in the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook.

Chapter 3 is extra special, because it takes off the realism of real life cultures and lets you understand that all countries, nations, kingdom, etc have an age. A stage of life that all evolves around 7 core stages, and teaches you how to use these stages to set up an immersive narrative from start to finish. 

All in all,  a 34 page guide that will help any dungeon master achieve their goal of an fully immersive civilization, packed with an easy way to determine and confront national problems and a system by which you can set in accordance cultures that you deem important. 

This project is beginner friendly, and even goes further in assisting anyone of any experience level in creating bigger and better nations. 

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